Shek Pik Reservoir

Completed Project

Bringing new fresh water supply to growing population

Rapid population growth and economic development from the mid-1950s, fuelled a need for additional sources of fresh water. The Government selected the Shek Pik Valley on Lantau Island as the most suitable location to build a new reservoir and works began in 1959.

Located in a semi-basin, a huge dam and a network of outfall channels were constructed to funnel water from the surrounding mountains. Within five years, the ambitious project was completed and Hong Kong Island received its first Shek Pik water in late 1963.Other projects to further develop the reservoir were awarded to Dragages in 1962 and 1964.

The Shek Pik Reservoir sits in the valley below one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist sites, the massive seated bronze Buddha. Thousands of visitors cross the Shek Pik dam every week on their way up to the Buddha’s mountain-top home.

Client Public Works Department, Hong Kong Government
Project Construction of a fresh water reservoir with outfall channels and catchwaters
Capacity 24,000,000 cubic metres
Main dam height 54.3m
Construction period 1959 - 1963