Plover Cove Reservoir

Completed Project

Remote site brings new challenges to dam project

Plover Cove is located in the remoteness of the far north-east New Territories. The reservoir plan was based on a very simple idea. After damming the natural entrance to Plover Cove bay, Dragages was to pump out the sea water and then allow the reservoir to be filled with fresh water.

Despite the simplicity of the idea, the location and the sheer scale of the project created significant resource and logistical problems to be overcome. The two-kilometre dam was formed using alternate layers of sand and gravel. Over 5,000,000 cubic metres of decomposed granite and 950,000 cubic metres of hard rock were excavated to create a reservoir up to 30 metres deep. By 1967, Dragages had finished the main dam plus two subsidiary dams.

Over 40 years later, Plover Cove Reservoir remains Hong Kong’s second biggest dam and has now evolved into a natural marine habitat.

Client Public Works Department, Hong Kong Government
Project Construction of one main dam, two subsidiary dams and one spillway
Main dam length 2 km
Construction period 1964 - 1968