Railway Tunnel

Hang Hau MTR Station and Tunnels

Completed Project

Partnership approach builds success

Partnership was at the heart of the success of the Hang Hau MTR project. In consultation with the MTR, Dragages made design suggestions to accelerate the project and minimise disruption to the local community. One such initiative was a top-down construction method for the station, allowing excavation to continue below ground, while sealing the project at street level to minimise noise and dust pollution.

In addition, a dedicated hotline was established, allowing residents and shop-owners to stay abreast of the project development and to deal promptly with any issues raised by the local community.

To minimise material costs, Dragages used additional piles to support the tunnel spans, thus reducing the need for reinforcement materials by some 20 percent.

By proposing design alternatives and adopting a partnership approach, construction time was shortened by almost two months, costs were cut and disturbances to the community was kept to minimum.

Client MTR Corporation
Project Construction of a MTR station, associated building and tunnelling works
Tunnel 1,200m
Construction period 1999 - 2002